With a lifelong passion for a healthy lifestyle and love of vegetarian cuisine, I have never  been one to take traditional route. Growing up in South Carolina my preference for plant food was certainly a bit hard to navigate. During college I studied French and Art History where I refined my eye for art, culture, and design - all the while maintaining my culinary enthusiasm. With a vision to integrate good design with health and wellness I pursued my culinary passions further to become a certified raw food chef and instructor. Embracing the raw food movement gave me a unique set of culinary skills and an understanding of  plant based ingredients that stretches far beyond what is typically taught in culinary school. Although my food philosophy goes beyond a strict dietary regime, I am grateful for tools I have to create and share beautiful food.  

I believe in living life beautifully both internally and externally by nourishing yourself with life-filled, health-giving  food, while at the same time allowing yourself aesthetic pleasure through beauty, art and open appreciation.

I have now  been fortunate enough to play an integral part in several cutting edge restaurant and eduction projects. I am the co-author of three books, Raw Chocolate, Everyday Raw Detox, Plant Food and recently released my  first solo title Coconut Kitchen

My recipes are designed to inspire and let nature do most of the work.